Play Silly, Funny Flash Games

Flash games are very popular nowadays. Most social interaction sites like Facebook and Friendster offer these types of games for additional enjoyment or just to de-stress. There are single-player activities as wells multiplayer entertainment for your enjoyment.There are many different types of arcade games in different categories according to the game’s genre. Examples of these categories are action, casino, shooting, time management, funny, racing and arcade. One of the most ignored category yet very enjoyable and entertaining once played is the funny flash games.Funny arcade games are very simple with little or no objective at all. There main purpose is to entertain the player in a unique manner. Most games of this type involve different styles in order to deliver humor. Some funny games are spoof of popular people doing hilarious stuff. Some games include animals and even inanimate objects as long as it can deliver its humorous objective. Even some involved matured themes such as erotica, liquor, and smoking.Some examples of funny flash games include Celebrity in a blender, Bush Shootout, and Exploding Hamster. Celebrity in a blender is a funny arcade game wherein a celebrity cartoon is placed inside a blender, the celebrity react differently with each button pressed on the blender until the celebrity meets his/her wrong yet funny end.Exploding Hamster is pretty much the same as Celebrity in a Blender, but this time, it is a cool flash animated hamster inside a microwave oven. The hamster reacts with each button pressed on the microwave until the player decides the hamster’s fate.You can download or play these flash games through many websites. Additionally, two of the most popular and safe sites where you can play a variety of these arcade games are at JoeCartoon and 2FlashGames.If you just want to pass the time away and you do not want to play a game with repetitive and boring gameplay, try one of these funny flash games. They are sure draw laughter and leave you with a smile.